Fall Organizing Tips – The Magic of 3

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Today is the First Day of Fall!  I’m sure you’ve all heard of Spring Cleaning, but Fall is a Fantastic time to do a little decluttering and organizing as well! Here are 3 THINGS that you can do now that I guarantee will make your Fall and Holiday season much more peaceful and enjoyable and give you the time to focus on more important things like quality time with friends and family.  

1 – Go through your closet and get rid of things you didn’t wear this summer.  Have you heard of the 80/20 rule?  They say that 80% of the time, you wear 20% of your clothing.  I wasn’t quite sure if I believed that or not, so into my closet I went!  Sure enough… I have 18 pairs of casual pants, mostly jeans (in various shapes and sizes – no judgement please!).  How many are my go-to jeans?  3!  Yep…That’s even less than 20%!  Why am I keeping the others?  For that day when I will fit into them again? For that day when I will have the “perfect” top to go with them? We all know “that day” is not likely to happen.  And IF it does….I’m buying myself some new jeans –  not wearing the ones that have been collecting dust for years!  How much more joy and peace would it give me to see that extra space in my closet instead of the reminder that I have bunch of things that I can’t wear?  Take the challenge and go do some counting and see how many of your clothes you actually wear!

When getting rid of items, make it simple – only focus on one category – shirts, pants, dresses, shoes or swimsuits – However “small” you may think the accomplishment is, it’s still an accomplishment that I guarantee will make you feel so much better and at peace every time you open that closet door!

2 – Get ahead of the holidays – Start getting ready for holiday guests.  Are you like a lot of us that have a “guest room” that somehow turns into a catchall space for that extra stuff that doesn’t actually have a “home” in your house?  Wouldn’t it be nice if when you knew you were having overnight guests, you could do fun things to get ready for their stay – rather than scrambling the weekend before or the few nights before just to find the bed that you know is hiding underneath all that stuff? Don’t wait until Thanksgiving or Christmas to organize that guest room – no one needs more things to do around the holidays!  If you start working on it now (even just 15 minutes at a time!), you will have it done in plenty of time.  This will give you a chance to maybe even make a trip to Target or your favorite home décor store to add a couple of cute decorating items to your guest room, or buy new sheets or pillows, which is guaranteed to make you and your guests smile!

Before and After Photos – From Mess to Success!

3 – Get ahead of the holidays – take an inventory of your gift-wrapping supplies. It happens to all of us – at least it happens to me more often than I care to admit (but I will!).  We’ve shopped for the perfect gift.  We are pretty proud of ourselves that we found the perfect something for the perfect someone and then we wait until the last minute to wrap it.  Only to find that out of the many gift bags that we have somehow over-accumulated, there is not one single bag that is the right size!

Right now, before gift giving season arrives is the perfect time to go through your gift bags, tissue and wrapping paper – purge those that you know you won’t use and figure out what you need to have a good supply of bags (small, medium and large) and wrapping paper to be prepared for the season!  A great place to stock up on bags and tissue is your local dollar or 99 cents store.  Although I am tempted and occasionally do buy colored tissue, I like to stick to the white tissue so that it goes with any bag I want to use. And don’t forget the scotch tape!

The Magic of Three – Whether you choose my 3 suggestions for Fall Organizing, or pick 3 ideas of your own – I encourage you to choose just 3 THINGS that you can do now to help make your Fall Season more peaceful – write them down in a visible spot and then do them!  A lot of us have a tendency to have a To Do List that becomes way too long and turns into a Wish List that just doesn’t end up happening.  If you choose just 3 THINGS, you will be less overwhelmed and way more likely to do them.  I guarantee getting just 3 THINGS done will make you feel at peace, give you joy and turn areas of your home into Amazing spaces!    

If you find yourself wanting to put any of these or other ideas into action, but don’t have the time or desire to do it yourself, contact me – I would love to help you turn your spaces Amazing!

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~ Karen

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