Controlling Paper Clutter

“It’s Easier to Keep Up Than to Catch Up” Paper is one of the most common areas that I hear from my clients that they would like to conquer. It is a basic problem that everyone struggles with! It seems that everywhere we turn, we are collecting paper – whether it’s junk mail, bills, receipts,Continue reading “Controlling Paper Clutter”


As Christmas is fast approaching, and we are still spending much more time at home than ever, consider giving Clutter-Free Gifts this year.  There are many benefits to Clutter-Free Gifts: They are easy to shop for…none of them require a trip to the mall.  Most of them can be purchased online or at places youContinue reading “CLUTTER-FREE GIFT GIVING IDEAS”

Creating Your Perfect Pantry

OCTOBER is THE perfect time to get your pantry in shape!  Wouldn’t it be nice to have it done before the holidays when you spend a lot more time in the kitchen? That busy time of year is quickly approaching (I’ve even seen Christmas trees in the stores already – what’s up with that?)  That’sContinue reading “Creating Your Perfect Pantry”

Fall Organizing Tips – The Magic of 3

Today is the First Day of Fall!  I’m sure you’ve all heard of Spring Cleaning, but Fall is a Fantastic time to do a little decluttering and organizing as well! Here are 3 THINGS that you can do now that I guarantee will make your Fall and Holiday season much more peaceful and enjoyable andContinue reading “Fall Organizing Tips – The Magic of 3”