What does a Professional Organizer do?” We help you get organized with any project, large or small, in your home or office. Some examples are organizing (and downsizing) before or after a move (including unpacking); organizing closets, cupboards, drawers and pantries; setting or cleaning up home filing systems and office spaces; organizing paperwork to prepare for tax time. We will also take away items no longer needed and donate them or dispose of them appropriately.

“Who is your typical client?” Typical clients range from Seniors wanting to downsize, Families, Remote Workers needing productive work spaces and time management ideas, New Parents, People experiencing a Life Transition, such as a move to a new home, death of a loved one, empty nesters. In other words, anyone and everyone has a need for more organization in their lives!

“How involved do I need to be?” Initially, I will need your input to allow me to understand your needs and desires so that I can set up the best system for you. But then I will take care of implementing the plan and getting the projects complete from start to finish! You can be involved as much or as little as you would like. I want you to be pleased with the results immediately and also be able to maintain it into the future.

“How long with it take?” This all depends on your needs. We have a 3 hour minimum. You can book one session, or we offer packages for multiple sessions. Multiple sessions are nice because it gives you a chance between sessions to learn how to live with and maintain your new Amazing spaces, knowing I will be back to help you create the next Amazing space. Small jobs can usually be completed within one session; larger jobs may need multiple sessions. We also offer maintenance sessions depending on your needs, via telephone or in person. My plan is to set you up for success! We can talk more about your individual needs on a phone call.

“Can I afford a professional organizer? Shouldn’t I be able to do this myself?” Well, I think the more important questions are “Can I afford not to?” and “How long have I been planning on doing this myself and haven’t?” Professional organizers are very similar to other service providers – they free up your time to be able to do other things that you love. How many weekends have you spent decluttering an area, only to not completely finish before time ran out and then it just ended up getting cluttered again before you knew it? This is wasted time, energy and money that could be spent doing things you love. Additionally, the amount of money that you will save when shopping, by knowing what you already have because your items are organized and labelled and easily seen, will blow you away! How often have you bought groceries only to come home and find that you already had a duplicate item tucked in the back of your pantry?

“I’m afraid I will be embarrassed! What if I’m the worst case you’ve ever seen?” This is a no-judgement, no shame service! Everyone feels like their situation is unique, when in reality, we all have our organization challenges – even Professional Organizers! … uh oh … did I just say that out loud? Our desire is to help you with your individual situation, not to make you feel like you are unusual and all alone!

“When is the best time to get started?” As they say, there’s no time like the present! Whether you are a Senior preparing to downsize or just declutter a lifetime of belongings, or a remote worker needing a more efficient office space to increase productivity, or someone experiencing a life transition such as a move, divorce, death or empty nesting, or just the average family or couple that longs for a more organized space to live in but never seems to have the time to make that happen, give me a call. I would love to chat with you about how I can help make your spaces Amazing! Let’s Connect!

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